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 Zain South Sudan picks up three accolades at prestigious Chambers Quality Awards 2014

Juba – January 13, 2015: Zain, the leading mobile telecom operator in South Sudan, announces its winning of three awards at the prestigious annual Chambers Quality Awards 2014 organized by the South Sudan Chamber of Commerce Investment and Agriculture (SSCCIA). Zain South Sudan was singled out as the winner of Best Telecom Company of the Year accolade; the Best Internet Provider of the Year; and the Best Innovative Campaign of the Year. Taken together, these awards confirm Zain South Sudan’s status as the leading communications provider in the country.

The gala event was held at the Crown Hotel in Juba in the presence of representatives from all sectors in the South Sudan economy including government, NGOs, and private sectors including the Deputy Minister from South Sudan’s Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, Hon. Mary Jarvas Yak, in place of South Sudan’s Vice President, Mr. James Wani Igga, who was unable to attend.

The awards together with a certificate of appreciation for the best Corporate Social Responsibility Contributor of the Year were received by Zain South Sudan CEO Basel Manasrah, and Chief Operating Officer, Andre Claassen, respectively.

Commenting on the awards bestowed on Zain South Sudan, the judging panel stated, “Zain has made it clear that it believes in the long-term future of South Sudan, and this can be witnessed by the investment the company is making in the infrastructure it is deploying in the country, the people it is training and working with, and the wider South Sudan population, which it continues to support through far-reaching CSR activities.”

The judging panel continued, “In a young country such as South Sudan, with the young population that we have, it is critical to gain access to information and communications tools in order develop our economy and society and catch up with the other nations of the world. It was clear through Zain’s vision and its actions on the ground that it shares in this outlook, and stands at the side of the people of South Sudan, delivering leading-edge technology and solutions.”

Addressing the award of multiple prizes, Basel Manasrah commented: "I would like to thank the SSCCIA's judging panel for recognizing our efforts with respect to bringing the best ICT infrastructure to South Sudan. These awards would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of all Zain staff and I would like to extend my gratitude to all of them as well."

Manasrah continued, “To date, Zain has invested over US$350 million in the telecom sector in South Sudan, and is committed to the future development of South Sudan. From the Group level to the operating entities, Zain believes in improving the lives of the communities of the markets in which it serves. We are honored to be a contributing member of South Sudan’s corporate world, and we look forward to helping create a wonderful world in the young country.”

A recent example of Zain South Sudan's strong CSR credentials was its collaboration with The International Rescue Committee as it launched its Respect &Respond: We can end violence campaign aimed at popularizing community support for gender-based violence survivors. Zain was happy to play the role of technical partner to the marketing campaign that included providing a referral and information helpline for survivors and supporters, as well as providing localized SMS messaging to target audiences.​

In 2013, Zain South Sudan embarked in a meaningful three year partnership with the Whitaker Peace and Development Initiative (WPDI), Ericsson and UNESCO with the aim of establishing a Youth Peacemaker Network (YPN) comprised of youth from the 11 states in South Sudan. The network brings together young people who are motivated to be youth leaders in peace building as agents of positive change.  The program aims to develop youth's capacity building needed for reconciliation, peace building and to equip them with the social and technical competencies necessary to mitigate conflict within their communities.

Also, Zain South Sudan is working closely with the Vodafone Foundation Instant Network to provide support to UNHCR in their support in of over 70,000 refugees in Yida refugee camp.  .

During 2014, Zain South Sudan launched the latest ‘We are’ campaign that is supported by vibrant visuals that focus on the positive possibilities that exist in life, and the desire of regular South Sudanese to aspire to a better future. Zain deliberately chose to depict scenes of education, community-building, and youth in the latest campaign, re-emphasizing the idea that greater good will come from a community united rather than divided. The campaign reminds South Sudanese to remain unified and patriotic and look to the future with confidence and optimism

Through telecommunications, Zain is focused on narrowing the digital divide, capacity building and empowering the South Sudanese society with the necessary skills to develop a more productive future.

A Wonderful World

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