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​​​Postpaid Packages

Corporate postpaid

Zain Corporate Postpaid is the best choice for businesses and organizations in South Sudan. Providing you with the most discounted rates to ensure you can communicate effectively with customers and employees alike.


  • Keep in contact with other customers, employees and your business network with call affordable call rates.
  • No connection fees
  • Itemized billing to help control your budgets
  • Be more efficient in doing business and benefit from the superior network coverage in all  states
  • Spread your business or call home with our competitive international calling rates
  • Dedicated Account Managers are always there to support your business or organization.

Corporate Hybrid

Zain 'Corporate Hybrid' is a prepaid product setup and defined as per customer needs though certain measures are considered to match system requirements; within it; monthly allowance is allocated to staff member as per your office requirement; however a minimum amount (figure to be provided by our Account Managers) is required and additionally, there's provision for Close User Group (CUG).


  1. Monthly limit has unlimited carry-over, yet in case of disconnection Zain SS will have no liability and customer will lose the amount available at the balance.
  2. In case customer finished CUG minutes, s/he will be charged as per the on-net tariff indicated in the prices above.
  3. There will be no carry over for the CUG minutes.
  4. In case customer bought any of the data bundle, it will have a priority over the PAYG prices.
  5. Billing increment within the data bundles will be similar to the PAYG.
  6. There will be no carry over for the data bundles.
  7. Data bundles will be auto-renewed monthly, in case the customer wants to remove it, s/he has to inform Zain.
  8. All the prices above are in SSP, International zones are same as the current international zoning.
  9. Standard roaming prices apply.

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