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1.     Special NUMBER Prepaid Plans

Designed to cater for individuals who seek to own a special number that has bundled benefits for; Voice calls, SMS and Internet within the network a fashionable manner with a fixed monthly subscription, and allowing customer to plan and budget ahead when it comes to telephony services. Individuals planning to join this category enjoy many unique benefits such as:

  • • Flexibility to select from the available plans.
    • • Power of choice through different bundles; on-net, SMS and Internet.

  •        1.1. Zain GOLD
  • The GOLD plan enables customers to have the privilege to own a GOLDEN Zain number at the price 50 SSP which comes the first month FREE along with exciting monthly benefits of; 150 minutes to call other Zain users, 150 on-net SMS and 150 MBs for internet access. 

Call rates for Zain GOLD:

Monthly Subscription 50.000

Bundled Benefits
On-net Minutes 150.000
On-net SMS 150.000
Data (MB) 150.000

Call Rates After Bundles
To Zain 0.660
To Other Local Networks 1.051

Messaging Rates
SMS to Zain 0.300
SMS to Other Local Networks 0.300
SMS to International 1.500
MMS to Zain (Per Kb) 0.003

Data Rates
Zain Mobile Internet (Per MB) 0.600
Zain Video Call 0.900

Note: Video calling possible if both you and your recipient have compatible handsets.

All customers under prepaid plans; eeZee Prepaid and Zain GOLD can subscribe to our variety of Voice, Data and All In One bundles:

Mobile bundles:

Voice Bundle *100#
Daily Voice Bundles *100*1# Daily - Voice Bundle 
Daily Voice Bundles *100*2# Weekly - Voice Bundle 
Daily Voice Bundles *100*3# Monthly - Voice Bundle

Mobile Data Bundles *102#
Daily Data Bundles *102*1# Daily Data Bundle 
Weekly Data Bundles *102*2# Monthly - Data Bundle
Monthly Data Bundles *102*3# Weekly Data Bundle  
Data Bundles Query *101*3# Querying Data Usage or remaining quota

All In One Bundles *103#
Daily All In One Bundles
Daily All In One Bundle 
Weekly All In One Bundles
Weekly All In One Bundle 
Monthly All In one Bundles
Monthly All In One Bundle 
All In One Bundles Query
Querying Voice, SMS & Data Usage or remaining quota

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